À La Carte


You Pick the Technologies, Topics and We Build the Training Session Around It

À La Carte Training

You Choose the Curriculum

You pick the topic.  Get as specific as you want.

Stop wasting your time and money trying to find training for your employees with classes that are at the wrong pace, too expensive, are out of state and don’t even teach them how to resolve your real-world concerns

You Pick the Location

Our Developers will come to your campus or you are welcome to use ours.  We want to make this as easy for you as possible

Our Trainers are Developers

The problem with most training is that they are performed by a non-developer that is just following a PowerPoint presentation and sticking verbatim to the course materials.  Any question outside of the material will be over the instructors head and deferred to someone else to be answered later.

Our Trainers are Developers so they have the knowledge to answer any questions you give them

Real-World Examples

We encourage you to be as specific to the real-world problems you are trying to conquer.  Basically look at our training sessions as a Developer Lead dedicated to getting your developers moving on anything you want to learn.

Perhaps you need to learn SQL to support a database you inherited.  You come at us with whatever you need to do your job:  How to optimize performance, indexes, backup and restores, best practices…  the sky’s the limit.

You choose we train.