About Us



I founded Vertical Merger because I believe in a few core principals:


  • Only use experienced local talent (no off-shore)
  • Reduce the Time to Get Your Project to Market
  • Quality Quality Quality


Companies rely on their software to generate revenue. Our job is to delivery products that work for you, and to deliver them fast.


Over the last 25 years I have helped to successfully deliver hundreds of on-premise, SaaS, cloud, data, web and mobile applications.


I believe in lean teams. Teams that are closely tailored in management structure, composition and methodology to your particular need.


Vertical Merger works with startups, independent software vendors, and established companies that rely on software for revenue generation.


Over the last decade software development has been evolving rapidly. The companies that rely on software-driven revenue have had to become more nimble to compete. New technologies, continuous deployment, changing role of QA, evolution in Agile, and new ways to integrate dev and DevOps are just a few examples.


Vertical Merger is constantly evolving and retraining our personnel to ensure we will follow the best engineering approach for each of our clients

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