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We Will Help You Fill Those Full-Time Positions


Let our developers find your developers

We Will Work With You to Determine the Skill Sets You Need

So much time is wasted looking for candidates with skills that you actually don’t need in your organization’s architecture.  Our technology experts will meet with you and help you determine what skills your candidates must-have, nice-to-have or can learn on the job.

It Takes a Developer to Know a Developer.

We are not going to waste your time, and send you resumes just to get you to bite.  Our developers will triage all applicants and filter in only the ones that fit what your organization is needing.  Just because they put a skill on their resume doesn’t mean they have that skill.  That’s why we use developers.  It takes a developer to know a developer.

Interview Screening

We will perform as many rounds of interviews as needed to do a technical analysis of the applicants.  Only after they pass our screening will we forward them on to you

You Make the Final Decision to Hire

Now that an applicant has passed our screening, we will forward their packet to you, where you can perform the final interviews and make the ultimate decision as to if they are a good fit in your organization.